Habib Bank AG Zurich Habib Bank AG Zurich  

 Habib Bank AG Zurich (HBZ) has a Complaints handling procedure in place to ensure that you
 receive a quick and fair response to any  complaint  you may have about any of its banking

 To resolve your issue, you should contact your dedicated Relationship Manager.   If you do
 not consider that you have received a timely  and  fair response,   you should direct your
 complaint to the Branch Manager where you hold your bank account.

 Alternatively, you can initiate your complaint directly, either by;
   - emailing at csd@habibbank.com
   - calling at 800 HABIB (42242)
 It is bank's policy to reply to you  within 10 working days.   In circumstances where this
 is not possible, the Bank will keep you informed of progress regularly.

 The Bank expects the majority of complaints  will be quickly resolved to your satisfaction
 at this level.   If however,  you are still dis-satisfied  you can write (with details) to
 the Country Manager at the address below:

   Habib Bank AG Zurich
   UAE Zonal Office,
   367-1013, Umm Al Sheif, 	
   Opp; Gold & Diamond Park, Sh. Zayed Road, 	
   P.O. Box 3306, Dubai, U.A.E.