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HBZtrade- Integrated Portfolio Management Solution

HBZtrade is a real time investment service that encompasses an execution, settlement, custody and portfolio management solution for U.A.E. and U.S. equity markets. It provides centralised asset management, real time exchange information, a powerful search engine and automated administrative tasks. The service raises your efficiency and improves your control, thereby enabling you to focus on your investment strategies.

HBZtrade is not just an online broking service but also a complete personal investment management solution.

International service, local support

Whether you require the services of our investment advisors or use of an online trading system, HBZ offers one of the most advanced e-Brokerage systems in the Middle East. Front to Back Straight Through Processing (STP) - Enter your order once and manage all phases of the Order Life Cycle online

It is an ideal tool for investors who need to react quickly to market fluctuations. It enables you to cope with market changes and react to them to your advantage. Automated post trade processing also eliminates any manual errors. Access your order, portfolio and investment account management information through a simplified dashboard and without having to complete any complex procedures.

HBZtrade provides information at a keystroke and you have immediate information on the status of your portfolio, open and executed orders including detailed performance statements. View portfolio performance reports over the period of your choice. Your investment performance can be measured at every step.


  • Online brokerage for U.A.E. and U.S. equity markets through HBZweb
  • Facility to trade fixed income and equities in most markets over the phone
  • One of the most attractive brokerage rates
  • No more expensive international calls or Wire Transfer charges
  • Order execution notification instantly via SMS to keep you informed of the activities in your portfolio
  • Speed of settlements - Online access to your account will ensure that funds are available on the date and will eliminate the need for international fund transfer to brokers (which normally takes 2 - 3 days)
  • Instant settlement allows you to write cheques against sale proceeds on the settlement date
  • Custodial facilities for most securities in the world
  • Free real time quotes for all major exchanges in the U.S.
  • Access to renowned families of mutual funds, equities, commodities, etc.
  • Consolidated portfolio statement including fixed Income, equity, etc. products and even your time deposits
  • View all accounts on one screen through HBZweb
  • When you open an HBZtrade account you receive free HBZeBanking services (including HBZweb and HBZgsm), an ATM card and a cheque book*


  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Flexible
  • Real-time
  • Consolidated service
  • Attractively priced
  • Leading edge technology

How To Apply

Visit your nearest branch to complete the following steps in order to subscribe to HBZtrade.

  • Existing customer with HBZweb ID & Portfolio Demand Deposit (PDD) account Agreement
    1. Inform your Private Banking Relationship Manager
  • Existing Customer with HBZweb ID
    1. Complete, sign & submit PDD Agreement
  • Existing customer without HBZweb ID
    1. Apply for HBZweb ID either at the branch or register online.
    2. Complete, sign & submit PDD
  • New Applicant
    1. Complete, sign & submit Account Opening form & PPD Agreements along with required documentation. Ensure HBZweb service is selected
    2. SMS notification once account is opened
    3. Collect your HBZweb ID from the branch & start trading



Kamran A Suhrwardy
Head Of Private Banking
United Arab Emirates
☎ +971 4 373 5200 Ext.2625
Ullas Thomas Pulikkottil
Manager - Private banking
United Arab Emirates
☎ +971 4 373 5200 Ext.2626
Farhan Aziz Khan
Manager - Private banking
United Arab Emirates
☎ +971 4 373 5200 Ext.2627
* Terms and Conditions apply.
* All forms and agreements can be downloaded or collected at any branch
* HBZsecure key is mandatory for online third party fund transfers
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