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HBZ App - The Smart Banking Experience, Anywhere - Anytime!

HBZ App provides free, secure, convenient and simplified banking channel across Android and Apple Smart phones.

Use our digital banking portal to save time & money.


Services available through this smart banking channel includes:

  1. Unified login credentials - Single user name and password for any device
  2. Switch countries within a single app for HBZ Global Clients
  3. Transfer funds within or outside HBZ in local or foreign currencies
  4. View & pay your utility bills in one click
  5. View account details & transaction history of over 10 years
  6. View cleared/deposited cheques
  7. View send remittance messages
  8. Request cheque book
  9. Locate HBZ branch near to you
  10. Lock and unlock your credit/debit card
  11. Set your Card limits
  12. Trading of stocks

1 - How do I begin using Mobile application?

In order to use the mobile app, customer needs to have an existing HBZweb username, password & OTP subscription.

2 - What is OTP subscription?

OTP (Web One Time Password) is system generated password valid for 10 minutes from the time of generation sent to the registered GSM no and/or email address.

3 - How do I get OTP subscription for my account?

Account holders need to submit Customer requisition or HBZotp application form, signed by authorized signatory and filled with relevant details to their branch.

4 - Do I need a separate username and password for HBZ app?

Your existing HBZweb username and password utilized to access your account services via will be required for using the mobile application.

5 - I forgot my HBZweb username and/or password, what do I do?

Kindly contact your relationship manager or nearest branch, account holders need to provide an application with either a password unlock or password reset request.

6 - How will I be notified for the app upgrade?

The app will be upgraded on timely basis and will require your permission to upgrade through iOS or Play store, just like how other applications are updated.

7 - Why do I keep getting logged out frequently?

Please note for security reasons, the user will be logged out if idle for 5 minutes or more.

8 - I am unable to do fund transfers to new beneficiaries?

For security reasons, customers will be able to make payments only for the existing templates that have been done in the past via HBZweb.

9 - Who can I get in touch with, if I have issues accessing the mobile application?

Please get in touch with our customer service team / relationship manager or alternatively get in touch with your nearest branch.

Download now and install the HBZ app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to start exploring the exceptional features.

To get the app, click on the required icon to proceed.

Get it on Google Play Get it on Apple Store
Get it on Google Play Get it on Apple Store
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NOTE: Certain products, services and features may only be available in specific countries. We are working on bringing them to your region soon.


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