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HBZ Security Advisory

Dear Customer,

Habib Bank AG Zurich (HBZ) is committed to protecting your account information and transaction details. We have implemented a number of controls and security measures designed to monitor and secure your data.

Please note that HBZ will never request you to share confidential information such as your personal data, account number, Internet banking username and/or password, credit card details, etc. via email, text messages or automated phone calls.

Unfortunately online fraud is growing and criminal elements continue targeting consumers. One of the most common attacks is known as "phishing" where a fraudulent email appears to be sent from HBZ. This scam email includes a link to a web page that looks like the Bank's site and requests personal information. This is not a legitimate HBZ email and the link does not go to a genuine HBZ web page. Under no circumstances should you provide your personal information by replying to the fraudulent email, click on any links and login.

HBZ never requests this information from its customers in this manner.

HBZ Security Tips

Please do not be alarmed but remain vigilant. Below are some simple tips to remember, which will help keep you protected:

  • Never respond to email requests that ask for any bank details. Please do not reply or click on any link that requires you to login to a bank account. Simply delete the e-mail.
  • Never send your account information via an email system other than the email system within your secure online banking web site.
  • If you have previously replied to a suspicious email and provided personal or sensitive information about your account, please contact your branch immediately at +971 4 260 7999.

Also refer to the Security Advisory notice on the login page.

To login to your account, always type: https://online.habibbank.com

NOTE: HBZ expressly dissociates itself from any transaction based on such scam correspondence or any other representation made via any fictitious websites/e-mail addresses. The Bank will not be liable for any loss incurred by any person based on actions taken through these websites/e-mail addresses.